Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Grass

Church was short one Diane today; I've been spotty in attendance since we lost our priest, and I have a thing about being one of those people who only show up at the high holidays. So yesterday, I spent time with my family. Today, I am spending time alone.


Just came in from mowing the grass. It is a beautiful, breezy, and sunny day; and, for me, there is as much (and perhaps sometimes more) worship in the act of maintaining my greatest material blessing apart from my body - in doing something around my home that is for my neighbors too, which going to church is not. And in simply being outside, my happy Yella Dawg watching and berating the mower when it comes too near her, the wind in my hair and using that body which is my first and last material blessing; working it and sweating and waving at occasional passersby.

Coming inside, I visited Janet Reid's blog for the firs time since last Sunday (she was taking time for prayer and worship of her own this week), and saw that she'd opened a forum for the community of her Reiders to get to know each other by posting links to their blogs and sites - and the comments section is nearly 200 responses deep.

And so, now I shall observe the holiday by adding links to my bookmarks, by reading a few individual pieces to add to upcoming Collection posts, by learning a bit about the lurkers, by learning more about those who comment most.

I haven't put up my own link - per usual, a bit late to the party; and there is so much to swim through as it is I can't add to the ocean. Sometimes it is better reading.

And, indeed, it can be instructive. Like writing, the best way to learn how is to READ. So with blogging; curating and cre-ating the most worthwhile content takes understanding what works!

The only thing missing today is pancakes. But, come to think of it, I have the fixin's for daddy's biscuits, so that might work.

And so. Hello to my Reiders. And my readers, too. And blessed weekend to all - whether it was in learning why this night is not like other nights ... or whether it was in contemplating what exactly "fondant" really is, as defined by the good folks at Cadbury ...


Lilly Faye said...

Hello, Diane. I'm visiting from The Shark's blog. Just wanted to wave a paw and say hello.

I like your post. "Reiders," ha, ha, very clever! Janet should adopt that!

The grass got mown this weekend here at The Chateau, as well.

My blog is A Poodle Looks at Life dot blogspot dot com, if you and Yella Dawg should care to stop by.

Happy Writing and Happy Spring,
Lilly Faye Poodle

Anonymous said...

Now, I want pancakes. Happy Easter from a fellow "Reider"

DLM said...

Hello and hello! Penelope might either overwhelm Lilly or cringe and cower before her greatness (I never know which it'll be). :) But she'd love to come say hi, and may even tote along a Gossamer the Editor Cat too.

I should proably reveal, it was Goss who came up with Reiders. He's got a bit of a thing for Our Lady of the Sharkly Goodness. And chum.

Elizabeth, that post (at the link) has had me wanting pancakes since I read it. Pancakes are almost better than pie, because I can actually make them!

Happy post-Easter to all, and to all a good week!