Thursday, April 2, 2015


Mojourner left me a present, so he heads up today's festivities with the best pun I've seen in ages. Bonus points for English history nerdlery! OSUM.

Good laws, I typed 65WPM last time it was tested over a decade and a half ago, and it's taken me 60% of THAT time to get ONE novel done. Donna Everheart is seriously brave and ambitious and talented and stuff, y'all. Also: yoiks!

I've been meaning to link this for a while now - Jessica Faust (and another link from there, if you like) looks at *just* how much of our communication is spent complaining.

Open forum for grammar kvetching at Tom's blog! Go, have fun, comment - knock yourselves out. :)

Finally, The History Girls take a peek at the tattoos of sailors and princes. Neato-spedito - and I had no idea any English king ever had a piece! Click through to find out which one, and what famous lady of society had one of her own.


Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Hey Diane,
You and Donna counting words per minute. I love it. I should try it. Maybe not. I would either get depressed or way too sure of myself.

DLM said...

I actually recall my last "typing test" - at a job interview which, sitting in the hall, I'd wanted to just run away from, and when I ended up with the job I LOVED it. Still have respect and a kind of affection for that boss, he and his wife were very kind and lovely people. He did the typing test because he thought it was a good idea, and it was really informal but I did fine. Great guy. Great job. Good times!

And not a bad typing time either ... :)

Anonymous said...

We can now add certified crazy to your list Diane. LOL!

Seriously, THANK YOU so much for that. You are too kind and generous! I'm pretty stoked about it. Typing speed (IMO) is still a viable skill. Jennine commented on my blog that teenagers nowadays can't type. They're too bent on the two thumb texting which also fills in words and apostrophes.

We should be proud of our skill!