Sunday, January 11, 2015

Years - and Years

Flipping channels tonight, I ran across The Brady Bunch Movie, and thanks to the wonder of modern teevee, I could see its release date at the touch of the Info button on my remote. 1995.

So that film actually falls exactly halfway back in time, to the early 70s era it had a little fun with remembering. It's been as long since that movie came out, as it had been then since the show itself was on.

For no reason worth blogging, this just kind of blows my mind. I was an adult (of sorts) when the movie came out - I made fun, in memory, of the show, as it did, and hit all its marks right there with it. When the series was on, I was a little kid. It seems like there should be a wider chasm between the series and the movie, not just as large a chasm between the movie and *now*.

And yet, the older I get, the more things like this seem to happen. In its way, the cognitive dissonance is still amusing.

But once we get to the 20s, and I realize it's been sixty years since the decade when I was born - and twenty since today - I might have to pass out a little bit.


Colin Smith said...

When I'm tempted to despair over how close the 90s feel and how fast time flies, I remember how much has happened in my life in that time. Since 1995, I've had 5 children, more than a few long-lasting jobs, developed the skills by which I now earn a living, pastored two churches, written novels, earned a Master's degree, moved twice... it all adds up!

I don't think of age in terms of passing years, but in terms of experience and accomplishment. For me, that makes getting older something to look forward to, not something to lament.

DLM said...

If that read as a lament, I wrote it poorly; it was more meant to be funny. As to accomplishment, if I listed everything I've done since 1995, we'd be here all night - with the good and the bad!

Colin Smith said...

Oh, no--I got the humor. The topic just got me reflecting on how quickly time passes. I agree it doesn't seem that long ago since the 90s, which makes me wonder at how quickly time has passed.