Saturday, January 3, 2015


Mojourner Truth has a couple of posts, at Tumblr and on Blogger, looking at the ebb and flow of human presence in the wild; the photos are lovely, but the thoughts are even better. We don't always think about where we've been - until the occasional footprint gives us away.  It's not always true that wilderness is "where no man has gone before" ... (indeed, it rarely is!).

Okay, got that Trek reference out of my system.  Onward and forward!

Madame Isis once again takes us to the seventeenth century for a demo of two styles of period makeup. I'm with her, the enameled look is a bit too much!

Gary Corby's Sacred Games is available on Kindle for $1.99. I got my digital copy already; won't you join me?

The History Blog shares a look at a 1500-year-old amulet with a palindrome that shows us just how long polytheism survived the advent of Christianity - and just how confused older traditions became, as they slipped away.

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Colin Smith said...

I had my copy of SACRED GAMES on pre-order, so I have it in hc already. But I hope this promotion brings more people to Gary's series. It's such good fun, educational, and well-written.