Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Today was about an eleven hour day at work, and tomorrow should be about the same, but I could not resist sharing two links from my daily reading.

First, the HB interviews Brian Willson of Three Islands Press font design.  (Worth the side trip of a separate click:  Janet Stephens' historical hair designs, but I've posted her before, so back to the subject at hand.)  Willson creates historical handwriting fonts.  How enchanting!

Next, take a look at Elizabeth Chadwick's possibly-Elizabethan chair, which is art, furniture, artifact, and a tantalizing clue to an architectural aspect of English ecclesiastical history.  If I weren't about to go to bed, I'd be researching Victorian restorations right now to see if the "junk" heirloom might have come from one of these refurbishments.  But I am probably late to sign off and get ready for bed as it is, so will leave you all to it!

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