Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Mojourner Truth lays out some (previously) Unwritten Rules of Archaeology.  (Pay close attention to the final rule.)  How much of this applies to your job?  Rather a lot does to mine - both my mortgage-paying gig, and writing too.

Law love the History Blog.  On cockerels and Christ.  Oh myyy! (But seriously:  the oldest image of Christ in Spain, on a glass plate, with background as to why the glass medium is important - and the cockerel comes from the grave goods of a child in Cirenchester.)

The Arrant Pedant visits Visual Thesaurus with a look at "less" versus "fewer".  The AP is awesome of the sauce-ular variety, as are the linguistic forensics.

And, in the continuing exchange program between every page Janet Reid maintains online and Gossamer the Editor cat, take a look at The Query Shark's advice on social media promotion.  "The only email that is appropriate to send to everyone in your address book is news of your death."  Priceless.

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