Monday, October 20, 2014


Janet Reid's love affair with Gossamer has extended just a little bit further, and Penelope has now popped up at her blog.  If Gossamer is The Editor Cat, shall we say that Penelope is the Publisher Pup?  Suggestions welcome (alliteration not required).

(And NOW to find an agent who'll love me for my *manuscript* ...)

In a promising move toward more of a professional platform, the next week or so here should see a couple of blog turns where I get to show off the other historical fiction authors I've gotten to know.  Tom Williams has tapped me for the One Lovely Blog tour, and his blurb about me is blush-worthy (if only I were capable of blushing).  And Faith L. Justice invited me to join a writing process blog tour.

These last two items have inspired me to follow up with Elizabeth Chadwick on the interview questions I sent some months back.  Also, though I didn't get a new interview at the Conference this year, I may revisit Victoria Skurnick, who was one of the many charming and delicious people we get at JRW, and who was most open to the idea.  So stay tuned, kids!

In closing, a link both more and less typical of these collection posts.  Because there's archaeology ... and then there's digging up DeMille ...

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