Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Today at work we had an event which in the past took three of us to plan, pull off, and wrangle.  This time, I did it all, coordinating ten locations and a remote option for a team of people across the country, and seeing the thing run smoothly with several major executives - our own, as well as even higher management.

It went well, but I did take a couple notes on minor details for myself.  If it ever has to go off again, this is a process we'll do even better.

The outcome of all this is that my neck is so stiff right now I can't move it forward (haven't been able to since yesterday, but who's counting? heh).  Tonight, I look forward to several NSAIDs, a good night's rest, and a day tomorrow more like my normal job.

Off Monday, it's only Wednesday, and I swear it feels like a full week.  And not a bad one at that.

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