Friday, January 7, 2011


As with so many intentions, I also let slip my plans to write about the headline on this page ... and about work this week. So goeth the Thoughtkiller. (... and wouldn't that make a great sarcastic overwrought online ID ... ?) More to come. But if I don't force myself offline, I'll begin to be reckless, and get off useful stuff like query research - and even off idiotic stuff like posting complaints about agents so they can google me and be offended (oh - wait - nobody I'm kvetching about got queried) - and end up visiting fora I haven't been registered with in years, or reading Miss Manners, or the usual, eBaying pointlessly and obsessively checking the items I'm trying to sell.

Sleep, also, is good stuff.

Even short of going to bed before 9:30, like last weekend, I need to disconnect. The dog surely has qualities more worthwhile than even my Asus.

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