Friday, January 21, 2011

Mac Again

I don't know, I don't mean to be one of those puling brand haters, because I just don't care enough to whinge about something I don't even use (and, yes, I can see that the article is sharpening an ax) - but Apple really comes across like Big Brother sometimes ... It makes the appeal of their products even harder to grasp, for a dimwit like me. I don't get the staunchness of the loyalty to this stuff (though YES, of course I have heard the arguments; since the fact is, the arguments usually just serve as justification for what generally appears to be a much more subjective elitism, they don't mean all that much, at the end of the day). I mean: Apple had been using 5-point Torx screws for its MacBook Pros, not standard 6-point Torx screws."We did a little bit of research and found out that this particular screw has been patented," Wiens says. "It is illegal to import screwdrivers that can open this screw into the U.S. unless you buy it through Apple's sales channels. Apple sells the screwdriver for $40."

Really ... ? This is the enlightened, superior company? I'm still not partisan here, but I'm genuinely befuddled.


Mojourner said...

wait a minute,to register complaint #2 about something this insubstantial is to pule like a mule. your objectivity is suspect.

Mine, however, is well known. I like Macs because I like them, dammit. Not just because they are, in my cross-platform experience, more reliable on the software and hardware fronts, but because they hold 8% of market share yet come up with most of the cool new ideas. Oh, and much much cooler, which matters to people who could not give a shit about coolness in the remaining 98% of their posessions.

DLM said...

It's not complaint, though (in order to complain, I'd have to at least experience a Mac, which really I haven't). I run across these ax-grinding articles via work, and I do know they're biased. Apparently, there's quite the raft of people with real hatred for Jobs and company - and I do get the need to protect the product.

My confusion comes with the coolness factor, I guess. You explain it well - that there has to be one corner of hep-itude for those otherwise anti-hep. It still makes me scratch my head, though, when I get to the illegal-to-purchase-a-SCREWDRIVER part. Obviously, that doesn't loom large for most users, though. Most of the time.