Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Plain and Tall

I have this fantasy - not *only* about the Palin, to be sure - but most specifically about her, that her "popularity" (or, at least, her career of fame-whoring) could go something like this, if people actually change, with all the talk of The Vitriolic Atmosphere comes to more than hot air.

Sadly, it requires that people actually change. I remember 9/11, and do know better.

Pity, though.

Perhaps a better thing to remember was the day the president was elected, and hope almost seemed a sane possibility.

We DID do that. Possibility is always possible.


Zuba said...

We kinda got addicted to her show. Yep. I put it out there. We even Gasp! DVR it.

DLM said...

Hey, people love watching the deeply disgusting. How else would Julie Brown or Charlie Sheen have ever had a career?