Friday, April 30, 2010


So the company I had a phone "interview" with (in which the HR guy apparently couldn't be troubled to *ask me questions*) is going with three other candidates. And if all three of those are just a terrible match, they'll be back in touch. Seriously: the HR guy actually said that. To which I say: I'm not your pathetic ex girlfriend, man.

HR people: please save your backhanded conciliatory statements of this nature. Because WOW is it insulting to have someone say, "if the people we picked over you turn out to stink, I guess we'll have to call YOU back." Holy smokes.

And so now I've applied for two actually good looking positions with a DoD contractor.

Places one does not *expect* to see smiley faces: at the conclusion of a job application for a DoD contractor.

Hee. Awesome.

I also like their auto-email closer, actually. It's about the nicest sentiment I've had from an auto-emailer throughout this job search.

We strongly encourage you to apply for all positions that suit your interest and
qualifications. We wish you the best in your job search.

So thank you, whoever set this particular defense contractor's electronic application systems up. Very thoughtful.

And, um. Cute. Heh.

Smiley faces! Wow.

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