Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speaking of "Looking Good" and Celebrities

I saw a bit of an interview with Raquel Welch recently. I never had any problem with her; loved the "Musketeers" movies, and she is cute in them. But it does disappoint just a hair that, at sixty-nine, she's chosen to make an info-tainment soundbyte of herself, disapproving of Heidi Montag having tons of plastic surgery. Now, granted, most of what RW had to display in her day was pretty clearly homegrown stuff: but there's no way on earth a woman of sixty-nine looks like she does ageing "naturally".

One observation she made interested me morbidly. She claims that one of the things she does to keep looking good is "I neve eat past six."

Now, I understand limiting the hours of one's consumption. I've been a weekly faster for something like twenty-two years. But six p.m.? EVERY day? I can see eight or something, but never eating past six p.m. means you never go out to dine and enjoy the company of your friends. You don't break bread with people, indulge in natural human companionship, partake in your community, in celebrations, in sociability. Not 100%.

Food is certainly a problematic center of our cultural sins. But it is also the core of our human experience.

A waistline may be a wonderful thing.

But even I, as someone who actually fasts myself, refuse to place my personal spiritual habit above the relationships I have with others. Half the people I know aren't even really aware that I do it, because (a) people are pretty overtly weird and nasty about fasting, and (b) I would never negate the priority of my family and friends because that would mean eating.

Ah, well. Ranting pointlessly, I guess.

But still. Six o'clock. That just seems prohibitive. No waistline's worth that.

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