Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Call My Dog

Her name was Sidney when I got her (actually, most likely her stuck-up previous owners insufferably probably spelled it Sydney or something overdone like that), but even before she came here to live I was calling her Siddy. It was Zuba who pointed out the glaringly obvious, as I "decided" which of the dogs I'd seen I would like to adopt: "Diane, you've already NICKNAMED the older one with the funny face. That is the dog you want."

To which I say: "dur", and also - "thanks again, Zuba; don't let her sneeze up your nose anymore, though."

To Siddy I say all of the following and an endless litany of other little endearments ...

  • Sid-Oh-Kneeeee!
  • Siddy-La
  • Lolly
  • Lolly-YA
  • Lol
  • Stinky
  • Stinky Tuscadero
  • Poops
  • BEST Dawg EVER
  • Who'da Bestestest?
  • Gooderest T'ing
  • Saddest Girl
  • Who Got Da EAR-bogenzes!?
  • Lolly Loops
  • Siddy Poops
  • Stinky Poops
  • Bebbeh GRRRRRRRL
  • Who'da Prettiest?
  • Purty Girl
  • Best Old Thing
  • Old Thing (this is a my-dad-original nickname for his kids, and sometimes the family dog ... but probably not his wife. Wait ... Big Bro - he called you Old Thing too - right?)
  • Tungsten Head
  • Volvo Head ("It's boxy! But it's GOOD!")
  • Beast-ufus
  • Lolly Loo
  • Lolly Schmoo
  • My Lil' You
  • Lolly My Loo
  • Lil' T'ing
  • Small Girl (Lolly is actually sixty pounds - insert facetiousness and affection here)
  • Lillilla ONE-zes
  • Lil'a One
  • Leetle-ah Girrr-la
  • Si-no-nee
  • Siddala
  • Liddala
  • Girl who is GOOOOD
  • Girl who STINKS
  • Stinky PooPoo La
  • Sweet Small Girl
  • Sweet La
  • Sweet Lol

Yes, indeed I am an enormous dork-face.

But it must be said, my dog is the best-dog. She takes such care of me. I'll never deserve her!

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