Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Green

When I was a kid, I didn't understand why the Crayola for "spring green" was a pasty sort of yellow. When I thought of spring, and green, I thought of new leaves, which had a tender translucency - and very green-ness - which the crayon completely failed to capture.

But someone at the color mixing lab was definitely on to something.

We have here the first in a SERIES of dust rags used today, after the week's pollen festivities. I turned each rag several times, to new, clean surfaces. Above is surface #1, after wiping off two pieces of furniture. I think I ended up going through five rags in total.
Below - my desk:

I suppose this makes me look like a slob, living in my own green-yellow-powdered squalor. But this is, I promise, less than a week's accumulation. It actually boils down to one day's Virginian effort - I think it was Tuesday - but I don't get to housecleaning a great deal except on Saturdays. Other than that, count on laundry, bed-making, and neatening-up or washing dishes, but not on actual dusting or vacuuming. So the pollen, it accumulated. Shew!
The temps have dropped, too - nicely. I always sleep best when it's a little bit cool in the bedroom. At nine twenty-five, I frankly already feel like hitting the pillow (headaches today).
At least, though, the pillow will be a nice, clean one, and the house will be just a few shades less spring green.
And gritty.

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