Monday, April 12, 2010


I am trying, with this bout of unemployment, to maintain some daily structure, and it has helped. Today, I found four things to apply for, and thought about calling someone to be a reference. Hm. Three of the four are probably beneath my pay grade, but at least they were in my area - which itself is an encouraging thing. The fourth, interestingly, was essentially a listing with "the enemy": a company which was in a very professional brand of civilized conflict with the last employer.

Maybe not time to call for that particular reference yet. Heh.

That company, though, was one I interviewed with two and a half years ago, before taking my last job. The position was a great one, and I did extremely well - but lost out to a referral candidate. That the Talent Acquisition Coordinator (hee - beat that, all you "recruiters" out there ...) actually TOLD me that tidbit fascinates me to this day. Heh - and when I recently attempted to email her, I did find her email address was no longer working. Whoops.

I still hold out hope of hearing about the job I interviewed for two weeks ago today (two days before the layoff), but the hope *is* waning. A decision was "supposed" to be made on Thursday or Friday, and, though complications do arise, I have to at least continue as if I am - you know - unemployed and stuff. *Sigh*

So I'm doing that. And laundry. And taking care of some friends' pets. And slowly finishing reading my novel. (And waiting to hear back on THAT, too ... end of April, end of April, end of April ....)

And, every night, I take my bath and lay out clothes for the next day, and every day I get up and get dressed and make myself presentable, with some particular ideas about what to do for the day.

Today - laundry and four applications.

I guess I could be doing worse.

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