Friday, April 30, 2010

Fleur Nerdin'

This wonderful clot of yellow and loveliness is the longtime result of a small volunteer patch from my previous next door neighbor's penchant for gardening (it's the neighbor's house in the background there). My current neighbor and the previous one are both MUCH more interested in the beautification of their estates than I have been, fortunately or not. The most love my own yard ever saw came from my brother (and the mockingbirds and I *still* miss his fresh lettuce and those unbelievable pea-sized tomatoes).

Anyway, this little stand of irises crept under her fence three or maybe even four years ago, and has slowly and unobtrusively been developing ever since just on my side. This year is its first blooming.

And one can't fault this blooming! Wonderful.

I may be having a hell of a hard time finding a job. But G-d does give good blessings. You just have to be grateful for them.
And share.

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