Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I took the dog for a walk around 7:20, and felt pretty good, but as I approached home I could feel it starting. A headache. A late one.

They don't usually start so late in the day. And a late headache can be a vicious one.

This one is headache with nausea.

When my headaches come with nausea, it's very difficult to handle. These have increased in frequency, and - badly - in intensity as I've grown older. My ability to handle this kind is not great, either.

The heat is another complication - not least, because half my furniture is leather. It sounds weird (not least as if I didn't choose my own furnishings, which, actually, I sure didn't), but leather furniture can be a real problem. In winter, it is too cold, and in summertime its tendency to heat becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle to finding comfort.

It's miserable to be unable even just to relax a body already bent on its own distress.

"So get away from the computer, you moron."

Yeah. I hear you, believe me. See y'all tomorrow. I am outta here.

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