Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, so to cleanse my mental palate from the last post, and to bump it DOWN as well, let's go here.

Why? Because thinking of Xena got me thinking of Hercules, of course, and thinking of Hercules always gets me to thinking of Iolaus, and thinking of Iolaus always ALWAYS makes me smile, because Michael Hurst looks so so so sooo much like my ex husband. He is older, and his hair is blonder and a little flatter, but the features are astoundingly similar.

Proof that I'm capable of going for blondes.

Even if Beloved Ex has gotten a bit darker-haired himself.

Oh, and his eyes are uncannily bluer, bluer than anybody's I've ever seen except a gynecologist I used to go to, and Paul Newman. (Heh.) BEx has eyes like Windex. Very pretty.

AND Hurst is going to be in B&S, I see. Ahh some fun to look forward to a performance by him. I always liked his work.

And face.

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