Monday, April 19, 2010

Every Day

Okay, so every day I have to get up and get dressed and make myself presentable and concentrate on some task or other. Check the pressure in the front tires, get gas, run errands. Refine and improve the Monster profile. Have an networking lunch. Search and re-search listings on CareerBuilder, at Monster, at FlipDog, and at the actual company websites for some of my local "favorites". Today I really detailed the car (gorgeous day for it, too - and now, nice pretty clean car to take nice pretty clean me to job interviews!). Always something, some likely list of things, preferably getting me away from this computer too actually.

Today, working on the car, I was able to laugh a little at my professional car-cleaning acumen. I am VERY detail oriented when I clean the car. I wash first (top to bottom, small sections at a time, so the soap doesn't bake on to the glass or finish in the hot sun), then black the tires, then climb in and wipe down the dash. Then the console, the center sections. Finally, the doors, then last of all the exterior plastic and rubber. The car comes out looking glossy and dark, and I do EVRYTHING - inside the doors, the painted body parts not exposed inside or out, the underside of the side mirrors, the license plate frame, everything. I don't mess around.

Any potential employers who find this blog: I take pride in my work, guys. And I do ALL the work. Very, very well.

Now to find some work to get paid doing. *Sigh!*

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