Author Bio

Diane Major is a native of Richmond Virginia, who has no desire to become the next great Southern Novelist. As a writer, she is so interested in hearing, telling, and sharing stories which take a reader out of their own world, she’s gone so far as to write first-person from the wrong gender, and distantly beyond her own experience. Her research for historical fiction is born not from academic study, but out of a love of history, legend, and a deep fascination for the profound movers and shapers of our past. She has written in many forms, fora, and genres; and she is also an essayist, blogger, and sometime editorial consultant.

A First Chapter (charter) member of James River Writers, Diane has worked at the highest administrative levels in the financial services industry, donated untold gallons of blood and platelets, and been a painter’s model and a muse. Many years' collaboration with local United Way campaigns has included public speaking, project management, and a variety of creative contributions. She’s wielded power tools for Habitat for Humanity and a theatrical scene construction crew, and her prize carpentry project is the bookshelf she built with her late father.

The child of a physics professor and a genuine steel magnolia, Diane makes her living as an executive level administrative professional. This helps to pay for novel-writing time, and keeps the best pets in the world in kibble and comfort. Diane believes in the Oxford comma, and is an unrepentant nerd for Star Trek, superhero movies, and medieval history.