Sunday, August 16, 2015


I'm torn between a "who needs garden *gnomes*" joke and a take on the "How does your garden grow? With cockle shells and silver bells, and MEDIEVAL BEASTIES! ROWRRR!!" here. Either way, Jeff Sypeck's garden may (astoundingly) have a cooler guardian than Mojourner Truth's.

But then, Mojourner's got directional hopping. And I've seen at least one living guardian doing a bit of a satan's caper around a fire in *his* garden, so that's pretty monstrous.

Elizabeth Chadwick hosts a guest post from Katrin Kania, on hip huggers, mass production, and medieval clothes making the man. When "one of a kind" was likelier than not! (I would pick only one thread here; historical and quasi-historical clothing is very MUCH mass-produced these days. It may not be accurate, but it's definitely a "thing". Otherwise, American Duchess's beautiful - and, to be sure, customizable - shoes would never sell.)

Carolynn with 2 Ns (one of those reef-ers or Reiders I go on about from time to time, though I've been horribly neglectful of the community and its blogs of late) has some thoughts on ages that are called "certain" (heh - love that phrase!), publishing's slow pace, and prioritization. Those of us beyond the prodigy years can wear ourselves ragged worrying about being too old ...

Finally, Jeff Sypeck again - on how very much more engaging it is to actually read and recite poetry, as opposed to analyzing it. I will refrain from ANY profundities about Michelle Pfeiffer and Black students.

But I have to admit, I never could resist Coolio (and MP's would-be badassery pooch problem in this clip is as hilarious as ever).


Jeff said...

Diane, thanks for the links! I've been meaning to comment on a few of your recent posts, but my life isn't my own for the next few weeks—but I'm still readin' ya...

DLM said...

Much of the end of July and August were not really my own either, though I was trying to squeeze out a little writing, at least, while on vacation (Orca Books in Olympia Washington - the best place to spend money on vacation! Hooray for research!). Improving now, but considering I was slow to link you at all, you are *hardly* on a deadline!! :)

We need to get you back down to a James River Writers event again some time. The conference is coming ... !

Hoping the next few weeks will include some R&R. And truly, I dug the garden gnome. I'm hoping a certain Mojourner will click on that link.