Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Oh dear, American Duchess has a new custom design ... a beautiful shoe, and certainly exclusive. I'll have to contemplate my options now, with my little gift certificate! It'd be fun to save it for when I'm agented, but I'll need to HEAR from some more agents soon. Ahem.

Several years after a brutal razing, a native mound in Ohio finally gets an archaeological survey. I look forward to learning more, hope there will be continued intelligence here. There IS some further news on the Hopewell Earthworks for which I posted links to a fundraiser almost a year ago.

Goss continues to make friends, now with Colin D. Smith and his pal Sam the Cat. A beautiful feline, Sam is also a urinical artist. Or, at least, a highly talented mapmaker. Hee!

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Colin Smith said...

Sam thanks you for the compliments, Diane. He had a message for Goss, but I couldn't understand it. I'm sure it had something to do with food. Or belly rubs. :)