Thursday, February 4, 2010


During the past week and a half, I have ploughed through the current draft of my manuscript, and actually turned it into something I feel can be *called* a manuscript, reasonably. Of what now is a 448-page work, 308 have been entirely cleaned up. That this particular task has taken such a very little while (and let it be admitted; today I did nothing, and yesterday very little) tells me how much I've actually done, in just under four and a half years.

There hasn't been much "missing", nor as much left to do as I had thought.

Earlier in the month, and in the holidays, I was working on the closing chapters of the work. So, going from both ends, I have squeezed down the area of "real work" left to do to the space of something like sixty to eighty pages, perhaps. I'm killing this beast, advancing in my battle. It's kind of amazing.

It's definitely great.

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