Monday, January 18, 2010

Blade Runner

My ex husband loved this flick. I loved *looking* at it.

But, I have to come out of the closet, after all these years, and face up to it. Having seen about every version known to man (and that's a LOT of movies, Mr. Scott), I just never have warmed to this flick. Any iteration.

It is *gorgeous* to look at. As far as "seeing" a movie, nothing tops it, even to this day. Ridley Scott makes unbelievable eye candy.

But as far as actual movies? I have to succumb; it just seems like he doesn't have any interest in - you know - interesting people. I know, I know, that thousands of people around the world for nearly THIRTY years now have found depths of symbolism and meaning in his films, Blade Runner most of all.

But, um. The symbolism is actually nothing one needs to dig for - he rather bludgeons you with it. Yes, yes, that's all very deep - oh, look, a dove, oh look, a NAIL through Rutger Hauer's hand. Oh, look - for that matter - it's Rutger Hauer. He's deep stuff, right?

Well, maybe so. But Batty?

Is poorly written, to say the best of it.

Every character in this flick is repellant; human and replicant, they are all a gang of bores and nasties. Rachel and Deckerd - *yawn*, seriously. I don't see the chemistry (and I don't even see her looks, once she lets down that edifice of hair and lets loose the extreme misfortune of the early 1980s on us; the only way that doesn't win Worst Movie Hair EVAR is because Darryl Hannah's monstrously unkind wig is the ultimate prizewinner for Worst Wig In History, Movies Or Not, Kiddo). The story could be portrayed in fifteen minutes; the rest is "hey look at this unbelievable production design, man!"

I've been giving BR second chances for twenty-five years, and have long felt I must be missing something because this doesn't make even my second-string list (and I've got some doozies) for Movies I Must Own. It just bores me unbelievably.

And I recognized some of those crazy-fat columns from Darkness's palace in Legend, I'm pretty sure ...

Anyway, revoke my geek(-lover's) card. I don't like Blade Runner.

Next up - a revisit of "Black Widow" on my Netflix qeue. I haven't seen that in at least fifteen years now, and have happier memories of that one. Heh.

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