Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I Don't Want to Show My "Tattoo" ...
Juliette Lewis had perhaps the best line in "Natural Born Killers" when, having beaten up a guy who had hit on her, she stalked him down and screamed, "HOW SEXY AM I NOW???"  When I read about tech nuts finding their personal privacy-whoring devices "sexy", I'm inevitably reminded of the punishment Lewis meted out to that ill-advised lothario.

When the world of human digital tattooing begins in an infant's diagnostic diapers, we've signed up gleefully for a Juliette-Lewis-ing of deeply disturbing proportions, and we've earned it and then some.

We have a way of exoticizing ancient or foreign death rituals, but it isn't necessary to look far, or to look far *back*, for some of the most interesting practices, and a most interesting form of ... resurrection ...  Yep.  Bedazzle the dead.  (You can have that phrase for absolutely free.)

Thoughts on those personality tests they give at the office.  Good thoughts.

(P)opularity does not imply scientific validity. ... (M)ost companies keep these tests confidential so the data cannot be scientifically tested ...
I am not going to offer a replacement to personality testing because you don’t need to replace meaningless practices with anything.

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