Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I did, and unaccountably felt my desire for authenticity begin to ebb.  –A. L. Berridge on just how authentic we can get in the modern world - via The History Girls.  (This post shares some points with the bottom link here discussing the Paleo Diet fad)

Nyki Blatchley has a good post on technology in fantasy, which I found to be just as interesting in the context of historical fiction, or people’s expectations about contemporary intelligence/innovation versus ANY other time (in or out of historical “reality”) than our own.  A couple of excellent observations on tech the Chinese developed first, and its relative development there and in the West.

Truly vintage shoes, at the Rags of Time.  That Warwick, he had style.

Face to face, a look at portraiture in the Academy of Arts at Vienna, with Leslie Wilson, another of the History Girls.

Finally, I am a smarticle particle, and so are Leila, Kristy, and a few other folks!  (No, you cannot browse my jewelry collection ...)


Mojourner said...

That paleo link needs a url.

DLM said...

How odd - I did have a link, but apparently I broke it. Believe it's fixed now ... Thank you!