Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Smugness, Bias, and Am I Supposed to Believe ... ?

Don't believe Whig anthropology (or agriculture) any more than you believe Whig history.  Or, as I think is the better term:  present-centered history.  Whig is too specific for a critique of method and theory which dominated for far too long the Western discipline of historical study.  But present-centrism sums it up all too well, at least for me and my own little biases.

Anyway, the first link here is the "real" one, the point of this post.  The rest are just my attempts to work one of those stupid puzzles my brain likes to create and then monkey with.  The first link looks at the human monkey itself, and comes up with some interesting thoughts.  So read that one, and save the reruns and treatises for when you are really bored.

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