Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Apart from the geographically snobby Nova Dakota comment here, this is good advice once again from Janet Reid, Query Shark.  (Still trying to decide whether I'm pleased - because I'm not done revising - or bummed, because it shouldn't take that long to finish, that her closed-to-queries period has extended through year end.  Decisions, decisions.  Ah well!)

All for the sake of a single button.

And, quite literally riffing off the link above:  the hurdy gurdy man!

This makes me want to look up images of the instrument – is that decoration painted?  The workmanship must have been beautiful on many of these.

On the *visual* love of words, and a writing exercise.  With Banksy in New York this past week, it’s a nicely timed post even for those of us who won’t make it to Italy soon.

(This bit reminds me of The Death of ... everything.)  “Post-It notes put us over the edge”  I feel pretty guilty – I bought my boss paperclips just this week.  Also, a detailed, balanced, and highly readable deconstruction of the Paleo-diet fad.

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