Sunday, October 13, 2013

Penguin Pop

Morrisey has power - and not in his capacity as a lyricist.  I wouldn't have thought at this point in his career his clout was this heavy, but apparently he can DEBUT as a writer as a classic already, right out of the box.  Not so much as a single review to make the point, only Penguin Classics' imprint to prove it.

I agree with the columnist - the point is not that Morrisey could never earn the "classic" label.  It's a debatable point, but not one any reader has had the chance to judge in the first place.

So let's raise a pail of pink Cristal (is there such a thing as pink Cristal ... ?) in cheers to this literary classic.  Whatever it may be (because *nobody* has read this book yet, outside of Penguin).

Link thanks to Caustic Cover Critic's mention, which shows the "Classic" cover.

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