Sunday, October 20, 2013


The tale of Otzi the caveman continues to grow in fascination, as his descendants are identified.

An example of a good post questioning even a questioning source:  (Etruscan royal) dude looks like a lady ...
The archaeologists’ initial gender assumptions based almost entirely on the placement of the grave goods — spear = male, jewel box = female — have thus been thoroughly upended.
Why should that most obvious of associations be discarded just because the skeleton is female? Notice there is no tortured attempt to explain the jewelry box on the man’s funerary bed as justified by his relation to the woman.
--The History Blog 
Stay tuned on that link for a nice observation about gender relations in Etruria.  Good work, HB!

History Extra (BBC) has published a nice gallery of portraits and artifacts of the Tudor era - including one (silken?) frog.

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