Thursday, August 20, 2020





George said...

The "Universe?"

Never heard of it.

DLM said...


Is this "THE" George? :) Hey, hun. Hope you're staying well and stable.

George said...

Well? Sort of. Stable? Opinions vary.

Yeah, it's me. Sup? (As the youngsters say.)

DLM said...

Opinions always vary. Mine is mainly just, "Yay! George!"

For the first time in my life, I was NOT laid off the second Things Changed, and that's pretty spiff, because I happen to love my job rather a lot. And neither I nor my mom have succumbed to COVID, so that's good. The current resident canine and feline take mighty fine care of me, and I try to take care of them - and even mom, now and then.

WB and I are still friends, though of course we're not in touch tons. She's the last of the old community I know anymore. And she is still walking, and still the best bitch in all the towns.

Got middle age taken care of, I'd say, and now it's time to get geriatric and be a smartass about *that* for a while. Idnit weird how like twenty-some years have passed? Geez, when I think about how many years ago M@ims was. (And: at least your name is stable.)

George said...

I'm just honored to be talking to the last person in North America still using Blogger.

Really. It's like seeing a white buffalo. :)

DLM said...

Hee. Though, to be fair, "using" may be an overstatement of the case. Depends upon how one defines the term, perhaps!

George said...

Um... wouldn't that be true for every term, though?

Otherwise battleship green the running, reluctant.

DLM said...

That was the joke, m'dear. :)

George said...

A joke? On the Internet? Now I've seen it all.

I cant help thinking that if the Lounge had come together in 2020... it would be either the best Discord server ever or the most mouth-foaming 3rd Wave/RadFem Twitter mob imaginable.

I'd join either one, of course.

Say... did Zoob ever marry Ed?

DLM said...

Oh yeah, they've been hitched up for years now - she actually visited me for something of a bachelorette's lost weekend that year, but I didn't exactly provide Manhattan-level revels!

Thinking of the Lounge, I ran across the name Slinky somewhere or other, and actually laughed, remembering our pet troll with the imaginary size 0 model girlfriend and the annoying/frankly hilarious philosophy of Enslinkyment. *Snort* THAT certainly would not be the same anymore, but then trolls are all imported now anyway, and work in farms. Gosh, it sure ain't like it was when I was a young-un.

Twitter is the only place I spend non-retail time on Teh Intarwebs other than here, and it's been months since I "used" it to speak of. I actually (and thank Maud) get to work for a living, and who has time for that mess, really. One of the few people I talk to in any substantive way there is my First Love, and he's about the only thing I miss on that platform (hey there, T - in case you read here anymore!). I've been subsisting on one cat, one dog, plenty of dancing attendance upon my mom, and texting/talking to a few friends and my brother. The pandemic hasn't had the worlds profoundest effect on my hermit-ly lifestyle, I just wear impractical shoes less often and the commute's become humane.

Zuba said...

Holy shit. Its a white walker! GEORGE!

Zuba said...

it's...ducking phone
I never mean 🦆

George said...

Zuba! Nice to hear from you again.

The ancients gather... as the scrolls foretold. We even have a (lame) plague.

White Walker? I'd put up more of a fight than that skinny, frozen bozo.

Diane... first love? The hair-flip guy?

In re Slinky. Well, look on the bright side: he could've named himself Toss Across, Big Wheel or some other 70s kids toy... and I would have literally died laughing from that and missed a lot of good Breaking Bad episodes.

I've also been lucky (?) enough to work throughout this nonsense. Security, surveillance and alarm monitoring shops can't really close up unless they go straight out of business.
Plus there's my ministry work, if by "ministry" you mean swaying back and forth to 80s New Romantic tunes. Which is how I mean it.

George said...

Toss Across is now my pimp name.

DLM said...

This is a GAS. Hair flip was my husband, most generally referred to online as Beloved Ex to clarify that I don't wish to kill him with fire. First Love cropped up - actually here on this blog - several years ago and we've kept in touch. Smart, funny, a dork, and suffering from anxiety and depression. Just the ticket, for me, apparently.

Toss Across is a great name, but I fear for me you're always going to be George. And there can be only one!

My drag name, at least currently, is Alex Pektachek.

G, if you care to drag yourself out of the wonder that is Blogger, my email address is D and then L and then Major (no dots, no dashes, no muss, no fuss, no bother), at that phone company that starts with a V, dot net. And yes, I DO actually "use" email, because the book of faces and texting and all that don't fit well with my long-form rambles.

Also: old. *Snerk*

Troy said...

T still reads here... 😊

DLM said...


Took ya long enough!

Troy said...