Sunday, October 6, 2013


"Low self esteem was not her problem" - I love the History Blog, and this is a nice article on Lady Eleanor Clifford, whom some refer to as a seventeenth-century feminist.  Whatever the right descriptor for her is, she's an interesting figure.

Another intriguing woman of the seventeenth century, Margaret Cavendish, the duchess enamored of atoms.  Another intriguing post from Kim Rendfield's physicist father, Dr. Dean Zollman.

Madame Isis lays out her usual clear, detailed look at "beauty" - seventeenth century style.  A nice post on everything from the ideal features (a small double chin!), hair, and makeup through that century, with excellent images.

In an interesting, somewhat related article, take a *look* (har) at optics through the ages.  From The Ninevah Lens through contacts, a look at construction, wearing options, and materials of spectacles spanning the breadth of centuries.  Pretty fascinating, and also illustrated.

Medieval cross-dressing:  it went both ways.

Richard III continues to be a hot news item.  Now, it appears, his chapel may have been unearthed.  I'll have to watch for Medieval Dead to show up on streaming or in some conduit on this side of the Pond.

On agriculture, quite dis-intuitively, leading to population collapse.  This is a theory I'd be interested to see more in-depth material explicating.  It's quite the plot-bunny idea, though - did we decrease mating with a stabilized source of nutrition?  Were there unseen health effects in a shift from a foraged to a settlement-centered diet?  Climate change unrelated to the change in human habitat/lifestyle?  Someone, please, write this one!

Stay tuned for more!  This weekend has been a good one for online reading ...

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