Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crunch, Skitter, Yaaay

Two weeks ago on a Friday, I was walking out of the office toward the parking lot, and an executive I know was walking in.  This is a great guy, someone it's always a pleasure to see.  Even as I was breathing in the golden day and noticing the first few leaves on the ground ahead of me - he came to a little drift of them, and began happily kick-walking in them.  It's not just the unself-consciousness of it that made seeing that little moment joyous, but the simple truth that some play never changes.  Humans need play, and one of the greatest things we have to play with is the Earth itself, its teasing promises of seasonal changes on the way, its coldness, its hotness, its wetness, its beauty.

No executives appear in the images here.  Still, some of them are fun, some nostalgic, and all are very beautiful.

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