Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tom Williams - How Many Words?

A separate post to give Tom Williams belated thanks for following this blog - and also to point to a post of his, with which I could hardly agree more.  As a slow writer, as one who goes in spurts and with inspiration more frequently (not exclusively - just more frequently) than by quota, I often feel that formless guilt that other authors seem to like to give, that I'm "DOING IT WRONG."

Authors should have a fervent dedication to their method.  It's the only way to get things done.  But to proselytize their ways of doing things, while demonizing any other way, bespeaks not only insecurity (not a selling point, y'all) but a failure to understand that one size (or word count) does not fit all.  It's a slightly bizarre outlook, in a creative profession.

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