Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The Lady of the Lake, in her own words. Yes, I have been slow to get to this story - but tell me this is not the best plot bunny ever - Nyneve becomes an actor in Paris ...

Aieeeee! Stephen G. Parks has a writer's worst nightmare. Sigh - but he probably did the right thing.

Ahh, the beautiful standards of art - where a woman's nudity is all but mandatory, but a man's is the time for censorship. Imagine actually thinking, "Okay, now I wish I'd seen naked Batman."


Paul Lamb said...

When I was writing nonfiction, I was courted by a new publication that apparently had a lot of money behind it. Two men drove across the state to take me to lunch and discuss joining their stable. (I think it was a business magazine -- don't recall.) Anyway, a week or so later and the "employment" contract arrived. I read through it (at the time I was negotiating contracts, though I'm not a lawyer) and saw plenty of conditions and terms that I did NOT want to work under, so I sent them a no thanks letter. Never heard a word from them. Don't even know if the publication ever appeared. Also, don't care.

DLM said...

"Employment" is a shockingly odd word choice ... gracious, it really sounds like you've dodged the bullet.

I've recently finished a ghost story (hah - of COURSE way too late for Hallowe'en readers). Not sure if I'll shop it or just concentrate on the novel right now, but finally finding the ending for that piece was a wonderful feeling.