Wednesday, February 21, 2018


It's a day like many others, but not "any other." Productive, with excuses. I am ploughing through the work on my desk, but skipping this afternoon's "run" in our fitness room. Slitting envelopes, copying legal down to letter for scanning, uploads. Multi-tasking, but all one task - just different steps in the order, converging, week on week invading each other's time. Click-click.


It swims up from nowhere, unbidden. Not necessarily unwanted. But unwonted. Unexpected. Half gorgeous, and half cruel.

Memory of two words, out of your mouth.

I miss you so much it makes me gasp. Missing you an old habit. Missing you a way of life. It doesn't define me, it doesn't maim me.

oh, but. oh but

smaller and smaller, too smallevenfortheshiftkey. Shrinking.


Two words, and I am all but weeping. Slitting envelopes. Copying paper. Near the end of the day, but not near enough. Constricted.

I miss you.

That's three. Your two were more profound.


Donnaeve said...

I read more than this one post - but this is the one I chose to comment on. I wish I knew what those two words were!

I'm doing well - better than good, how about great? I am FREE. You know what that means. I don't want to sully your space with that "other" word. We will leave it off of here, hm?

I have thought of you, your step-dad, and all that might have been happening in your world. I am only on JR's blog occasionally b/c I'm attempting to be more disciplined with writing so I don't freak out over deadlines. I miss all the "old timers." Some pop up now and then. Sometimes.

How are YOU?

DLM said...

Mizz Donna, any words you consider to be yours are welcome here. But it is JOYOUS to hear the word FREE. Huzzah!!

In fact, I was thinking of you just this morning, realizing I have been stingy with Gossamer the Editor Cat pics - and Penelope as well.

Stepdad and mom are in a hard place; hospice care has begun, but the administration of decline is cruel. It has kept me from writing, out of a sort of guilt - writing is so good, it must be a luxury, and I should not be allowing myself that gratification ... and yet, and yet. (Haha - and I typed gratifaction just there - which has a certain rightness to it.)

I haven't been Reiding in some months either, but I did nibble around Query Shark recently. She has been busy there!

So happy to hear from you and especially with your news. THANK YOU for coming by to share!!