Sunday, November 29, 2015


My brother has found some curious artifacts in his house; I have found none, but am leaving a few here and there, with an amused eye to the archaeologist who might dig up the place centuries down the road ... but nobody I know ever found two hundred grand worth of anything in their home that wasn't the home itself. Another of those Antiques Roadshow stories that gets people gnashing their teeth asking, "Why doesn't this happen to me!?" (Note to the HB that will never be seen: I love pre-Code movies too!)

On a vase that never met an ax - the crystal vessel most famously associated with Eleanor of Aquitaine, but with a history extending centuries before her ... and after.

Squirrels. In "Up", they are the subject of comedy without ever actually even appearing. In the Pacific Northwest, I know a certain girl who befriends and shares peanuts with them. On the other coast, though, there are an awful lot of people with no love for squirrels. And then there are those who might love them, but can't, due to lack of sleep! I hope you'll get some good rest soon, Donna.

And, of course, more from the History Blog, because it is OSUM. First, not only do we have a new word for the day (codicologist), but a look into the mystery of the "unborn sheet" - writers who read here, if you aren't intrigued by these two things, you should be! The Learny Stuff of History, brought to you by the Staedtler eraser company - neato spedito. And second, for the bauble-lovers among us, the oldest known gold jewelry, found in Bulgaria and dating to over six-thousand years old. Y'all know I'm a sucker for vintage jewelry! I'm also tittering at the comment by Celia, because her suspicion about "ritual object" is EXACTLY correct. Hee.

And, in closing, a note about the weather and migraines. I've been putting this post together for at least a full day now, maybe even two, I'm honestly unsure. It's been unseasonably hot, but with days here and there of normal cold, and so my sinuses have been in a bit of a riotous state. This has been a consistent issue with my sporadic blogging over the past couple of months, and the failure to provide Tom Williams with a guest post. Pointing this out is NOT a plea for sympathy - headaches are old hat for me, and no cause for pity; only a programming note, and maybe a cheap opportunity to kvetch about said weather.

But even a too-warm Thanksgiving is still a Thanksgiving, and I have been grateful for so much this four-day weekend. I am grateful for my job, two years old now - my beloved friends and family - my beautiful Penelope pup, and my sweetest Gossamer the Editor Cat.


TCW said...

There's still a slot for you if you want it. No hurry, though.

I occasionally suffer from mild migraine and even that can be quite incapacitating, so you have my sympathy if you have the full-blown horrors. There do seem to be better medications available these days, if you want to explore them.

Anonymous said...

I've begun hiding notes around my house that won't be found until the place is dismantled (and likely not even then). Mostly saying who I was, who lived in the house and called it home.

DLM said...

Tom, I've found that ice is miles ahead of any drug in the world. Of course, when it is less than practical to strap an icepack to my head, there are NSAID cocktails that help. This seventy-to-forty (Fahrenheit) weather business is a bit much on the noggin.

Paul, that is wonderful, I will have to steal/implement this practice. As a kid, I used to leave a dollar in my winter coats as spring came on; then months later I'd find surprise money! Exciting! But this is more fun. Archaeological paying-it-forward ...

Donnaeve said...

In this old house of ours, we found original wallpaper the previous owners had built a wall over, and other odd ceramics in the attic. Nothing of value, and almost creepy in the sense of wondering why they left it behind!

As to my squirrel issues - we bought one of those Hav-a-hart traps and since then? Quiet. Figures. But I'm glad - and rested!