Sunday, September 27, 2015

Late Night Collection

This blog hasn't been getting its usual effort of late, but I've been watching others', and I'm behind on sharing them. So here we are, let's get to the links!

Arrant Pedantry has - you guessed it - a bit more deconstructing pedantry, this time a look at the usage of the word anxious.

I haven't shared a Gary Corby link in far too long. Here, he explains the origin of the term - and the original rite - of catharsis.

Mojourner Truth has done a series of wonderful photos recently, on archaeological work and features in Hawai'i. The sled run here is one of my favorite of these posts!

Also, Mojourner is really funny. Sir Mo's A Lot - heh.

American Duchess shows us a little something about the history of 1940s shoe fashion - and beyond!

AD also has Scandalous Tango Boots! (And, some time in December, so will I!)

Jessica Faust has a good story at Bookends' blog's new home, about how she got a certain client in Days of Yore - lo, fifteen years ago, when he space-age material "paper" was involved in querying.

And last, but without a doubt not least, Tom Williams looks at nomenclature and rather a lot more. "Freedom Struggle"? "War of Independence"? ... or "Mutiny"?


Jeff said...

I always enjoy these miscellanies. There's so much good stuff out there to read beyond what gets linked on (ugh) Facebook...

DLM said...

Oh how nice! I have the (ugh) problem with Twitter, there is SO much and it comes so fast I spend most of my Twitter-using time on links/music shared rather than actually catching up with anyone.

I can let things back up too much, and "oh I want to link that" with things for days or longer, so I'm not the place to come for The Latest Thing, but I do at least keep it interesting. Thank you for telling me that's working! :)