Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

At just over an hour to midnight in my time zone, I'm sitting at home with dye on my roots, a questionable (workable, but very bad in its resting state) haircut, and the single cocktail you see above.  Yes, the ice cubes are light-up; they came free with a bottle of vodka I bought the day my friends helped me move the desk in, and I believe they say Smirnoff on them, but eyesight fails me.

Though I don't mind going out stag, it IS harder to motivate, and the fact is at my favorite watering hole there's a fine young swain whom I just cannot face on NYE, who has been trying for years to make a cougar out of me.

Tonight just is not that night, so I'm freshening up my crowning glory and looking forward to the NEXT four days of my five day weekend.

May 2015 (sheesh) be kind and gentle to you all, bringing blessings, surprises, loved ones, and the best of pets.  *Cheers!*

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