Saturday, June 7, 2014

Quality is Job Two

Gossie the Editor Cat
inspects a stain on the nasty rug, pre-demo

Having done the nasty work of ripping out old carpet yesterday, today the job was housecleaning.  That wasn't limited, this week, to dusting, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, running the Roomba and changing sheets.  No, this week, after kicking up the nastiest dust my kitchen has ever seen in its 64-year-long life, there was a serious cleaning of EVERYTHING in there.

Most of the house, sure, got a fairly regular treatment.  But the kitchen - I spent hours in and out of there (and down into the basement, too - cleaned the steps going down there, on top of everything else).  Disinfected and scrubbed everything from the counters to the appliances to the parts of the fridge not already scrubbed after the work yesterday (we also scrubbed bits of the oven and walls) - I even got the top rims of all the cabinet doors and drawers, the handles of everything.  Washed everything from all the countertops and shelves mom didn't swab yesterday.  Even the drip-tray for dishes.

Everything I eat from or cook in for a while, I'm going to wash first.  Considering I found that dust between my toes last night, and I'd been wearing shoes and socks - that stuff got EVERYwhere.  I don't want to eat it.  So it's going to be some time before I cook or eat without washing *first*!

I also did a bit more cleaning on the floor itself - and got up a bin full of more of the glue, carpet dust, and disintegrated/disintegrating padding.

The hardwood is not pretty.  Yet.  But that kitchen looks clean, no question.

I'd even eat in there.  With a great deal of smug satisfaction.

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