Monday, November 22, 2010

Query Cleanup

I've been fighting the headache and cleaning up my bookmarks, making sure my query sheet is current, updating those I never heard back from with "PASS" and setting up the next run on QT and finding the other sites I need to re-up with or up-in-the-first-place with. One big query last night, and making a list of more to do, as well as revisiting other productive resources less directly in the "get me an agent" vein.

Oh, and writing a bit, too. Yeah. That.

Now to consider whether to post anything with the Sarcastic Broads ...


Kristi Tuck Austin said...

I hope the answer to that last consideration will be a 'yes.'

DLM said...

I think it's more a question of what, and when!

Thank you for being a real acutal person commenting ... I really was starting to get a complex.