Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post One

So there's this blog, see - and I'm ambivalent about starting it right from the first post. I am a person who tends to be extremely iffy about putting my real name online, and reasonably convinced there's little I have to offer the World Wide Web.

I'm also old enough to use the phrase World Wide Web with only the smallest giggling at myself.

For a few years now, the idea of starting 'my own website' has occurred to me off and on, but I tend to default to "off" for the reasons listed above. I've thought about the authors I know with websites, and realized how very seldom I actually care about visiting those. I've thought about the blogs or LiveJournals I read, and have had to admit they're restricted 100% to those people I know personally. And there are only three.

I've thought about the reluctance I have for the idea of reuniting with people I haven't seen in years, because my real name is online now. I've thought about the philosophy that it's sad, in a way, there's no longer any such thing as a memory. When all people can maintain even just "e-" contact forever, nothing can ever become really properly the past.

I've thought about the people in my past who have landed there for a reason.

Though it isn't apparent here, to be sure, I have severe reservations about any form of writing dependent upon the first person singular pronoun.

So. Having a blog in my own name, in the first place, is beset by my own reservations, and the irritation I wish I could say I had with my own sense of vanity.

The problem, of course, is that I'm an extremely conceited woman.

So here we are.

Here's hoping I can come up with something to say which might actually be worth reading.

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