Friday, September 27, 2013

Kim Rendfield

Kim Rendfield has a lot of exciting goings-on and good posts, so I am not burying these within a larger "Collection" post.  She deserves her own, and I don't say that just because I dig the Franks so darn much either.

Wallpaper is a pain, sure.  But the innovation in decoration beat out tapestries because it was still more practical than the textile wallcoverings, especially in an age when the production of paper was on the rise.

Speaking as an author dealing with long-haired Frankish kings, I'll always link to posts about tonsures of the period.  The power of locks wasn't only a masculine concern.  She also has another great guest-post here on the surprisingly contentious subject of clerical haircuts.  (I'm not hair-obsessed at all, why do you ask ... ?)

Finally, her upcoming work is discussed here.  Kim is definitely going to be the toppling point of my TBR pile.

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