Sunday, September 29, 2013


Are you interested in the castles-and-nobles aspect of history or historical fiction?  Enjoy a nicely fleshed out summation of the history of Stafford Castle in the UK, by Nancy Bilyeau.

Yesterday, I spent a great deal of my day shoving furniture around and toting tables up and down to/from the basement, because watching HGTV as you're just starting with the weekly housecleaning is a bad idea.  One of the best parts of that network is the truly BAD decorating ideas they come up with.  But I think keeping a living hermit on your premises for the fashion of it takes even Marie Antoinette's cake (though Le Petit Trianon hits much the same mark).  Hard not to wonder how professional hermiting stacks up to working as a WalMart greeter, as retirement jobs go.  ...  The final sentence is an intriguing plot-bunny-hopping idea.

Adrian Goldsworthy discusses first person perspective and the various ways it can be done or used in combination with other options.

As the British hold onto their own artifacts - it's nice to know there is also repatriation across the globe.  On a silver gryphon going home from here in the U. S. to Iran - and it is a gorgeous object, too.

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