Tuesday, September 3, 2013

There's Aplomb and then There's Aplomb ...

This weekend, in addition to house cleaning, I finished several mending projects, arranged some assistance to someone I care about who's in need, and lobbed a couple of balls into other people's courts.  Today I had a reasonably good and productive day at work, and have finally set up my profile at Unleaded Writing.  If I can clear my mind long enough, I'll find new questions for Elizabeth Chadwick (I gave up the idea of resurrecting the original ones, sadly lost) within a day or two, and y'all will finally begin to see some of the fruits of those Good Things I've been on about for a month or more now.

It's a silly sort of nice evening; the earrings came today, and with a polish will be *perfect* (an exact match, and I'm pleased, because I missed this pair!).  My mom's birthday present also came, on Saturday, and as dippy as the idea was I'm looking forward to making her laugh.  I provide her enough stress and negativity, giggles are worth anticipating.

The seasons are changing, and so is life.  A Great Egret visited the manmade lake near our office last week, several times - and I learned that this beauty is a symbol of self-determination, guiding one's own future.

I learned, too, from Mojourner, that it is invasive.  But as self-determination goes, that isn't unpredictable.

I seem to be determining my present reasonably well these days.  As to the future, I'll have to see the bird in flight to know.  We'll see.

Image:  Wikimedia

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