Friday, September 27, 2013


Yes, I have been a busy little bee today, fella babies.  (I call all my pals on Twitter fella babies, we're going to start doing it here too.  I'm no Dr. Johnny Fever, but it's still a great show and a worthwhile turn of phrase.)

The final polish on The Ax and the Vase is going very well these days.  I've been productive at work and at home (today I had two contractors come over to give me quotes on restoration of The Amazing Exploding Bathroom AND I finally CLOSED on a refinance of my home! woo!), and the work on Ax is no exception.

As of right now, I'm still less than halfway through, but I still hope to have the thing in sellable shape by the Conference (less than a month away! eep!).  It's amazing to me how much a revelation writing - and reading my own work - is, no matter how long I've done it.  I feel at once intimately connected with the work and completely amazed with it when I read it.  I truly find I don't "recognize" large swaths of it at all, even as many times as I have read it.  It feels like something someone else wrote, and I mean that in a good way:  it is still fresh to me, it still has the urgency of reading a novel someone else wrote, which I want to stay up all night enjoying.  Perhaps that's wrong/bizarre/alienating, but to me it seems like a good thing.  We all work differently, and where some authors must make their words their darlings, I make mine my lovers - they surprise and tease even me, they are fresh even when they are frustrating, the little bastards.

At some point, I may put up some excerpts again.  We'll see.  But by now, at least, we're finally getting closer to the point where my little lovers can get out into the world.

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