Thursday, September 12, 2013


Y'all don't think I forgot that Star Trek's birthday was Sunday, did you?  Nope.  Just late.  Also:  I agree - the animated series is fanfoogootastic.  "(W)e've got tribbles on the ship, quinotrintacali (sp?) in the corridors, Klingons in the quadrant--it can ruin your whole day, sir!"  Plus, Doohan as Koloth!

Crazy old cat lady?  Crazy like a healthy fox.  Or something.

From Trek to Aristotle - how accurate do we really need to be in histfic?  Opinions - obviously - vary on this point.  Consider historical paintings throughout the centuries, depicting biblical figures in dress and settings contemporary and local to the artists who created them.  Here's what Aristotle says, courtesy of David J. Cord.  Do you write or read poetry, or history ... ?  (My take is here.)

I failed to get to this when Mojourner told me about this over the weekend - and now I'm wracking my brain to remember the OTHER cool thing he told me about.  Well, here's one:  more parasites in archaeology - ahh, the history of gastrointestinal distress and disease is such fun.  Richard III had roundworms.  Yum!  Not bad reading if you want to skip a meal ...

Oh, but wait - there's more Dickie to enjoy!  How about a 3D model of his skeleton?  He had such an INTERESTING skeleton, after all.  I'm trying to be nice by not linking directly to the full PDF article, but don't think for a second that won't be my leisure reading when I can scrape up the time.

More from the History blog (of course) - this time, pre-Reformation tombs in England.  By pre-Reformation we seem largely to be focused on Tudors, but hey, Tudors are always popular!

Elizabeth Chadwick giveaway, y'all!  I may have linked this a few days back, but am too lazy to check and it belongs in a collection post anyway.

Vintage shoes at American Duchess - or - reasons I'm so glad 1930s inspired styles are so popular right now.  I have about five pair of shoes harking back to these shoes, and at least a few 50s type styles as well.

And, finally:  one of the most fascinating (and, apparently, wildly successful) ad campaigns ever conceived.  Courtesy the intriguing blog of Jeff Sypek, I give you:  medieval maiden Maidenform.  If you don't click on this one, you truly are missing out.

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The other thing: an iron age sweater that melted out of a glacier.