Friday, September 27, 2013


First and foremost, a story about how human tampering in the land doesn't have to be irrevocable.  It's not just the salmon who'll be restored in this project - and the whole thing under quarter of a mil.  What a human investment in the habitat we seem to forget we are a part of.  "We're pretty mellow about the project."  Beautiful.  If you are exceptionally clever, you will know why I love the bit about the fountain.

Leila Gaskin and Arthur C. Clarke on immutable laws, elderly scientists, the impossible, and exploding bowling ball frogs.  Love!

Jeff Sypek and Renn Faires in the American counterculture.  Anyone who's wondering what to get me for Christmas, here's an idea!

Zoe Saadia proves to my narrow, creaking mind once again that "history" does not equal "European kings during the Common Era" - and I'm grateful for the reminder!  On Aztecs and the Five Nations.

Linguistics across the millennia.  This is a true piece of gee-whiz theoretical science, complete with an ancient story, dramatic reading, and wonderful sleuthing through prehistory.  I know I use this word too much, but:  fascinating!

Richard III stories:  a part of his battle standard is about to go on auction, and the proposed design of his tomb is contentious and money-tangling.  Make no mistake - dead for over half  millennium, Dickie is a going concern.

Something of a gruesome story, this one - George Orwell's bloody anti-fascist neckwear going on auction.

The White Queen:  this one is for Cute Shoes - and anyone else who might be interested in Elizabeth Woodville.  Interested in vacationing in her digs?  They're winning architectural awards.  Ahh, the vacations I'd plan if I were stupidly well-off.  Some of these rooms do look beautiful to me.

DaVinci's Codex.  I love the History Blog.

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