Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting Close

I'm so near the end of revisions it's impossible not to both dread restarting the querying process (and wishing I had kept even better records of the last run; though I do have a complete spreadsheet, it's high level and I won't remember some of the finer points which would enhance the process better) and get excited.

By accident of slowness and a lack of readers, and by design once I finally found my way without real help, the timing brings me to this point both almost exactly a year after the great response from Dream Agent and just weeks before the JRW Conference.  This time of year does energize me, the event always lights a fire, and the first (re-)query come after a lot of *good* work is done and when my online platform has, I hope seen much improvement.

My dad *loved* this time of year, too.  That always informs me, during these first, gorgeous autumnal weeks of change and one of the year's renewals, transitions.  Before winter grows grey, dry, cold - it is rich, bracing, vibrant.  And this year is magnificent so far.  He was a teacher, so this time of year was a birth, a beginning.  It is also the time of high holy days (for more than one religion - and for one I grew up so close to I was family).

As I hope and try to see the last of this summer's traumas and dramas, it is no accident I've set myself to a task with potential blessings.

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